Monday, August 31, 2009

Great newscast THIS IS REAL!!!

I must salute that man for capturing the movement of the black bear so gracefully.

Men in bunny suits are safe

Semi-funny crap from 8/30/09:

Jeff: ok ok now this is NOT going to be food fiesta, just a... Food small party with a few friends.

Jeff: Anna, at some point in your life you are going to have to eat something you don't take out of a box and put in the microwave.
Anna: Oh, well that's gonna be easy. Some things I take out of a can.

Anna: Well someone wore their bossy pants today, Mr. bossy pants.

I know these aren't up to par... But yesterday was a slow day. There will be more.


Funny is my middle name

Well... That's not entirely true... Mostly when my friends or family say I'm funny it's right after I say or do something stupid... I tend to do stupid things allot... This blog is to document my (and my friends) funnyness/stupidness as well as hillarious things I find on the interwebs. :)

So laugh with me or at me, it doesn't matter. Just remember to come back for more!


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